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How do I get a quote?

You can get a quote by getting in touch with us via email, using the contact form or visiting us at our office. We will need to look at the file to give an appropriate quote so please make sure to submit the file or to bring it with you.

How long do translations take?

An average legal document such as a birth certificate or a marriage certificate can be processed within

1-2 business days depending on availability. Larger documents may take longer, however we still work with relatively short time frames. 

What languages can be translated?

We have a list of languages that we work with, if you do not see the required language or dialect please enquire with us.

We also translate vice-versa, for example we can translate into English or from English into any other language.

Can it be used in other countries?

It will depend on the purpose of use and the country, please enquire with us as we can provide more accurate information.

Can I make an amendment to the translation or get a duplicate copy?

You can make an amendment to the translation at any point before the certification as long as it retains a similar structure and stay true to the original and gets approved by a translator. Copies of translations can be made with a fee of £10 per copy, including a certificate.

Does a certificate cost extra?

The certificate of the translation is included in the quote automatically and is at no extra charge.

What professional body are we partnered with?

We are partnered with the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL).

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